Anyone who has considered tooth replacement has probably noticed that dental implants have gained popularity in the past few decades, with patients and doctors alike. Periodontists recommend them for a host of reasons, including health, aesthetics, comfort, and convenience. Since August is AAID Dental Implant Month, it presents an excellent opportunity to explore the main benefits of dental implants in The Woodlands, TX.

Reasons You Will Love Your Dental Implants

  1. Implants, unlike dentures, feel much like your natural teeth. While dentures may move and slide in your mouth, an implant is securely, permanently secured in your jaw. Dental implants also look like your natural teeth, too. 
  2. Dental implants can preserve bone health. After tooth loss, your bone deteriorates without a tooth root to stimulate it. Implant posts provide that stimulation, ensuring that you will not suffer from the hollowed cheeks and receding chin associated with prolonged bone loss.
  3. Dental implants are convenient. With your new implants, you can eat whatever you like and maintain them easily. They require the same brushing, flossing, and professional cleanings that your regular teeth do.
  4. Implants are typically thought of as more comfortable because the implant crown is secured to a post. It does not rest on or rub on the gum tissue.
  5. You will have a beautiful, healthy smile and no one will know that they are not your real teeth unless you tell them. You may even forget that dental implants are not your original teeth! 
So many people have to think about hiding missing teeth, whether they have applied enough adhesive to dentures, and too many other worries to list. If you would like a restoration that allows you to feel less self-conscious and more confident, consider dental implants in The Woodlands, TX. Call our office to schedule a consultation with experienced periodontist, Dr. Gayle Bradshaw. Let us help you restore your smile.