Your periodontal tissue takes up a small amount of real estate, when considering the overall size of your body, but its job is incredibly important. When your periodontist is reminding you to make time to floss, remember that gum disease can determine whether your teeth become unbearably sensitive or how likely you are to suffer from heart disease. Your periodontist in The Woodlands, TX has provided a list of benefits to having healthy gums, to help you celebrate National Gum Care Month.

The Advantages of Gum Health for Oral Health

  • 1.       Gums provide your teeth with a barrier to tooth decay, protecting against cavities.
  • 2.       Healthy periodontal tissue frames your teeth, providing you with a beautiful smile.
  • 3.       Ample gum tissue covers the teeth, preventing sensitive teeth.
  • 4.       Fewer visits to the periodontist!
  • 5.       Healthy gums do not allow teeth to move or shift.
  • 6.       Good gum health results in fresher breath.
  • 7.       Gums that are well maintained result in better bone health.

How Healthy Gums Contribute to a Healthy Body

Periodontists are well familiar with the mouth-body connection. Patients with periodontal disease are at higher risk for diabetes, heart disease, stroke, respiratory illness, and certain types of cancer. Research has shown that even the earliest stage of periodontal disease, gingivitis, can result in lower birth weights and memory difficulties. In fact, the condition creates chronic inflammation, now known to be harmful to overall health. One of the simplest ways to safeguard your health is to practice good oral care. Floss at least once per day and brush a minimum of twice daily.

If you have symptoms of gum disease, do not hesitate to see a periodontist  for an evaluation. Dr. Gayle Bradshaw, skilled periodontist in The Woodlands, TX, offers numerous treatments for periodontal disease, including convenient laser surgery.  Schedule your visit today.