You may not have realized it, but February is Gum Disease Awareness Month. In response, our office wants to encourage every adult in The Woodlands, TX, to learn gum disease prevention tips. After all, healthy gums feel better, perform better, and look better, too!


  1. Visit a dental professional regularly. Have you gotten off track with your six-month dental check-up appointments? Resolve to get onto a regular cleaning and evaluation schedule again. That way, if you develop the beginning signs of gum disease such as bleeding gums or bad breath, you can treat it early.
  2. Call our periodontist if you experience any oral health red flags. Do your gums feel tender and swollen? Are they red instead of pink, which is the color of healthy gums? These may be red flags that you have an infection. You cannot treat gum disease at home, so make a phone call to your periodontist immediately. If you need a new periodontist in The Woodlands, TX, who treats gum disease, request an appointment with Dr. Gayle Bradshaw.
  3. Stop smoking. Any tobacco use, from smoking to chewing, can put you at a higher risk of developing gum disease. Do your whole body a favor and make this the year you quit for good. Many smoking cessation programs are available in Texas and online. 
  4. Eat healthier foods and beverages. If you don’t already, try incorporating some whole foods into your diet to round out your intake of calcium and vitamins. Healthy gums require solid nutrition. Eat less sugar and increase the amount of crunchy vegetables you eat. You may be surprised at how much better your teeth and gums look and feel.


Preventing gum disease does not have to be hard or take a lot of time. Changing just a few of your daily habits can make a big difference you, and your periodontist will appreciate your efforts. If you have been noticing signs of gum disease in The Woodlands, TX, schedule your consultation with our experienced periodontist, Dr. Gayle Bradshaw!