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Frequently Asked Laser Questions in The Woodlands, TX

Frequently Asked Laser Questions The Woodlands, TX
Q. How long does treating gum disease with this method take?
A. This gum surgery alternative in The Woodlands is performed in two sessions of roughly two hours each.

Q. Will I have to take much time off from work if I get this gum surgery alternative in The Woodlands?
A. Dr. Bradshaw finds that treating gum disease with laser dentistry results in less downtime and less discomfort than traditional surgery. Most patients return to work the following day.

Q. Is it true that this method of treating gum disease can regenerate bone?

A. Yes. With the laser Dr. Bradshaw is able to successfully stimulate the bone during the procedure which facilitates regeneration. Patients with bone loss reverse the effects of periodontal disease by having this gum surgery alternative in The Woodlands, TX.

Q. Is using a laser for treating gum disease safe?
A. Yes. The laser used in this gum surgery alternative in The Woodlands is completely safe. In fact, the PerioLase® MVP-7™ is the only FDA cleared laser for treating gum disease.

Q. I currently take medication. Is this procedure still safe for treating gum disease?
A. There are zero contraindications for this gum surgery alternative in The Woodlands, TX. This means that LANAP® will not interfere with medications and is safe for many patients who otherwise might not be good candidates for traditional surgery. A consultation with Dr. Bradshaw to discuss your unique needs is the best way to determine if this gum surgery alternative in The Woodlands is right for you.

Dr. Gayle Bradshaw is trained and certified to use the PerioLase® MVP-7™ for treating gum disease. If you would like a safe and effective gum surgery alternative in The Woodlands, TX, call our office today. Treating gum disease does not have to be a lengthy, difficult process. Let us improve your health with less pain and less downtime using LANAP ® gum surgery alternative in The Woodlands.

Dr. Gayle Bradshaw, located in The Woodlands, TX, is a Periodontist who services patients from Conroe, Magnolia, Tomball, Spring and Huntsville.. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our office and encourage you to schedule your appointment today!

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If your gums bleed when you brush or floss, you may be suffering from gum disease. When caught early we can treat your gum disease and help save your teeth!

Click below to take the American Academy of Periodontology's Gum Disease Risk Assessment test to see if you may have or be at risk for gum disease.

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