LANAP® Treatment in The Woodlands, TX

Laser Treatment for Periodontal Disease

LANAP treatment is a revolutionary treatment for gum disease. It’s more accurate, gentle, and promotes healing — providing a huge advantage over traditional treatment methods. Learn all about LANAP treatment and its advantages.

The Process of Laser Gum Disease Treatment

Dr. Gayle Bradshaw will first evaluate the depth of your periodontal pockets and any loss of attachment before beginning the laser treatment for periodontal disease. The pulsed light of the laser is used to selectively eliminate any diseased tissue or the bacteria that causes periodontal disease. During this minimally invasive gum disease treatment in The Woodlands, the laser differentiates between healthy and diseased tissue, leaving healthy tissue intact.

The next step in this gum disease treatment at The Woodlands is to use ultrasonic scalers to remove calculus deposits. The laser is utilized again to create a biologic band-aid which is a sterilized blood clot. This clot serves to seal off the environment, protecting it from bacteria while healing. Dr. Bradshaw will press gum tissue back into place and then conduct a final evaluation of your teeth and eliminate any high spots.

Laser Treatment vs Traditional Treatment

  • Experience less pain and require less downtime. Most patients manage any discomfort with an over-the-counter pain reliever and are able to return to work the next day.
  • The laser used in this gum surgery alternative eliminates the harmful bacteria that cause periodontal disease. Because of this and its minimally invasive nature, we can resolve the majority of your gum inflammation with only one appointment.
  • Dr. Bradshaw does not use a scalpel during the procedure, as LANAP® is a scalpel and suture-free technique. This treatment for periodontal disease is therefore less impactful to our patients and requires less healing time.
  • Traditional surgery to treat periodontal disease can result in gum recession. The gum surgery alternative uses laser technology to perform the same function without the need for cutting and suturing, meaning less gum recession for our patients.
  • The effects of periodontal disease can be reversed using LANAP® gum surgery alternative. One of the most devastating effects of periodontal disease is bone loss, but when the laser is used to stimulate the bone, tooth root, and gum tissue, it also catalyzes the bone to regenerate.
  • This periodontal disease treatment is safe for our patients. This gum surgery alternative will not interfere with medications nor will it negatively impact any medical conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions