Patient Testimonials

“I am a recent patient of Doctor Bradshaw’s. While I don’t wish dental difficulties on anyone and my own tendency is to procrastinate on everything especially anything involving pain, I have been overwhelmed with the compassion and professionalism of both Doctor Bradshaw (Gayle) and her team. I am having 3 dental implants done, back teeth, nothing cosmetic, and my first experience with implants.

Of course, I was concerned, but in fact had very little pain after the initial Novocaine wore off. In my case, I had very little swelling and was back to eating soft food the day following surgery. Her instructions were clear, verbally and written down and complete. Dr. Bradshaw even called to check on me the next day. She also responded promptly herself to a question that I had later. Now that’s service! Her assistant and the whole team have treated us in a caring and friendly way, like family.

I must admit, my wife has been Dr. Bradshaw’s patient for a few years and has had two implants already which are functioning well so I had an excellent recommendation, although, who believes their own wife?

It has only been a few weeks since my surgery and I am doing very well and have already recommended Dr. Bradshaw to my best friend, Jerry, who has had his first visit and is also delighted with the service.”

The Woodlands, TX

“Dr. Bradshaw & your nurse:

I can’t tell you how thankful and appreciative I am for saving me today. I feel like I have my life back! My mouth feels so much better already. Thank you to your sweet nurse who endured my squeezing hand. You both are truly a gift to me.”

Love in Christ,
Sarah, The Woodlands, TX

“You really blessed me!

Dr. Bradshaw,

Thank you for being so kind to me on the day of surgery when you were kind enough to turn on KSBJ for me and then sing along with “Amazing Love”. It really helped me remember Jesus was right there with me! It even helped calm my nerves. Thank you for being such a blessing!”

In Christ, Jennifer,
Spring, TX