Implant-Supported Dentures in The Woodlands, TX

What are Implant-Supported Dentures?

Unlike traditional dentures, which are held in place with adhesives, dentures supported by implants afford you the stability of dental implants without the cost of placing individual implants.

Dr. Gayle Bradshaw offers several options for dentures supported by implants in her practice at The Woodlands. Dental implants are a highly successful dental restoration procedure that when used for dentures supported by implants, renders two available options:

Locator “snap in” retained

Implants are placed in the jawbone with locator attachments that fit into snaps embedded in the underside of the dentures. This allows the dentures to be secure for speech and chewing, yet still allows removal of the denture for easy cleaning. Requirement of fewer implants makes this option more affordable.

Screw retained fixed hybrid dentures

This hybrid denture uses much less denture material and does not have plastic on the roof of the mouth. More implants are required to stabilize and support the trimmed down denture.

Two hybrid options are available:

  1. Traditional denture material wrapped around a titanium bar.
  2. Solid Zirconium, highly polished prosthesis. This is the highest quality material available today.

The Woodlands Dental Implants for Dentures Supported by Implants

At our practice in The Woodlands, dental implants are a common procedure for the replacement of any number of teeth. For dentures supported by implants, a titanium post is implanted into the jaw bone. This screw will integrate with the bone over a period of roughly three to six months, creating a solid anchor that replicates the tooth root.