How Long Is the Dental Implant Treatment Process?

Illustration of a dental implant being placed

If you have missing teeth and are considering dental implants, you’re most likely wondering how long you can expect the process to take. Like many dental treatments, the treatment length is directly related to each patient’s situation, including how much tooth and bone loss has occurred. In general, you can expect dental implant treatment to take several months. Dr. Gayle Bradshaw, our board-certified periodontist, discusses dental implant treatment in The Woodlands, TX for patients with missing teeth.

Step 1: Consultation

Your dental implant treatment begins with a consultation with Dr. Bradshaw. You’ll discuss your missing teeth and the options you have with dental implants. Our periodontist will create a treatment plan that best fits your oral health needs and smile goals.

Step 2: Exam and Diagnostics

Next, you’ll schedule an examination a few weeks later where our periodontist will evaluate your gum health, missing teeth, and bone quality. This appointment often includes x-rays and CBCT scans that will be used to pre-plan your dental implant placement.

Step 3: Preparatory Procedures

You may require preliminary procedures such as bone grafting and tooth extractions before you can receive dental implants. If this requires a separate appointment, you will need 3-4 months to fully heal after these surgeries before it is safe to have dental implants placed.

Step 4: Dental Implant Surgery

The next phase of your dental implant treatment is the surgery where our periodontist places your dental implants. Sometimes, depending on your case, you’ll be able to skip step 3 and have your preliminary procedures completed on the day of your dental implant surgery. This will eliminate months of healing before this appointment.

Step 5: Final Restoration

You’ll still need 4-6 months to fully heal after dental implant surgery. During this time, you may be eligible to have a temporary restoration attached. Otherwise, you will need to wait a few months for the bone to fully integrate with the dental implants first. After this time, you can receive your final and permanent new restoration!

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