How Tissue Regeneration Makes Bone Grafting Simple

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Did you know that your jawbone is one of the most important structures in regard to your facial structure and oral health? The bone in your jaw serves many purposes, from structuring the bottom half of your facial appearance, to holding your teeth firmly in place. If you’ve suffered from bone loss, you might have noticed drastic alterations to your lifestyle and appearance. And while the solution to bone loss is to receive a bone graft, the procedure can often take several months to heal or not be fully successful. However, thanks to periodontist Dr. Gayle Bradshaw’s investment in advanced dental techniques, patients in the Woodlands, TX can benefit from guided tissue regeneration.

What is Guided Tissue Regeneration?
Guided tissue regeneration is a gentle and minimally invasive approach to bone grafting that encourages the healthy and successful regrowth of bone tissue in a timely manner. Your periodontist will apply a mesh membrane over the area of bone loss to protect and guide the healing of the graft material. This prevents gum tissue from interfering with the healing and allows the graft to form new jawbone volume in the proper location.

Why is Guided Tissue Regeneration Necessary?
When you are missing bone volume in the jaw, gum tissue naturally tries to move into the empty space to fill the void. Since bone graft material is made of small granules, the gums will work its way in between the bone graft, interfering with proper regrowth, which can often require patients to have to undergo a second grafting treatment. With the mesh membrane placed to protect the bone graft, the gum tissue won’t be able to get in the way, leading to improved healing and grafting success rates.

What Happens After Bone Grafting?
After you’ve had your jawbone rebuilt through tissue regeneration and bone grafting, your oral health will be drastically more stable. With proper bone volume, you may notice your face and jawline looking more balanced and natural. Additionally, surrounding teeth won’t feel loose or shift positions within the jaw. And for those seeking dental implants to replace missing teeth, bone grafting can give them the proper bone volume to help them qualify for the surgery.

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