The Hidden Dangers of Dentures

Middle-aged female patient admiring her smile in a handheld mirror

Removable dentures have certainly been a time-tested solution for missing teeth. They have helped countless patients improve their confidence and smile after tooth loss. However, there are hidden dangers of dentures that can have negative consequences for your health and wellbeing. Dr. Gayle Bradshaw, our experienced periodontist, provides information about dentures in The Woodlands, TX, and more permanent alternative in dental implants that can improve your health.


Dentures only provide a 10 percent return to natural biting and chewing power. Dietary limitations are common for denture-wearers who may find that over time their health declines without a complete and nutritional diet.

Bone Loss

Dentures do nothing to stimulate the jawbone after tooth loss occurs. Because this bone needs health tooth roots to remain strong, it will resorb and lose density over time. Dentures can sometimes advance this resorption process with the pressure they exert on the jaw ridge during eating.


Dentures will eventually become loose and ill-fitting because of the bone loss that occurs in the jawbone. Over time, dentures may not remain secure in your mouth even with pastes or adhesives. Loose dentures can also cause painful gum sores along the jaw ridge.

A Better Solution

If you are suffering from the limitations of dentures in The Woodlands, TX, there is a better solution with dental implants. These tooth replacements are permanently secured into the jaw and stimulate the bone like natural teeth. They can support a denture or a full bridge of life-like new teeth for a 99 percent return to optimal function and natural aesthetics.

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